ic contact;
[ There is no greeting message or directions otherwise as to how your contact should be made. Simply the requisite beep -- a noise that makes Minerva's lip curl just so. ]

owl; text; voice
always open action for potter cast, assume away

video/action; arrival
[ Oh, look. The Welcome Center. A severe-looking woman peruses the pamphlets while some other random young man helps her. ]

If you expect that I will willingly use-- [ The device broadcasts her surroundings upside-down now, as Minerva holds it before her, rather gingerly between two fingers. ] this, you'll find yourself sorely mistaken. It's-- it's-- crude and invasive. I'd be very grateful to find where I might return mine, thank you.

[ Someone tells her the bad news. No returns, sorry! ]

Well. I wouldn't be so sure about that...

polychromatic application
Have another biscuit, Potter.Collapse )


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